Pragmatism, not Idealism

by thethoughtgang

Why does the left ignore the true progressive party – the Greens?

.. asks The Guardian

Is it because most of ‘the left’ is only interested in hating the tories and, thus, pragmatically, throws all support behind the only party with a chance of beating them – even though that party offers nothing different? Isn’t it fun that tory voters have strong enough convictions about certain issues to risk a Labour government by voting Ukip, but Labour voters daren’t do similar*? Isn’t it even more fun that Ukip support is credited with dragging the tories further to the right on issues like immigration, but whilst Labour voters complain that Labour won’t move to the left, they sit back and watch it move in the same direction as the opposition because their only electoral strategy is to be ‘not the tories’.?

The Greens are on board with some things that I agree with (Citizens Income, for a start) and I’m in favour of minority parties crashing the cartel whatever they believe in. Unfortunately, their core aim is to regulate most of us to the agrarian age, so I’m not sure they have all the answers. However, they are prepared to challenge the mainstream centrist corpratist alliance and ‘the left’ should walk away from this bitter (and phoney) war with the tories and embrace real alternatives.

* Excluding, of course, the traditional Labour voters who vote for anti-immigration tickets. Because we’re not supposed to talk about that.