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Month: May, 2014

That guy called me a fascist. Arrest him.

That guy called me a fascist. Arrest him.

I’m not voting UKIP later on this month. I think their rise is amusing, because it’s getting under the skin of all the right people. I don’t care who the UK sends to the EU parliament because I don’t think it matters at all.

But let’s all be clear.. the thing that UKIP have going for them is that they are ‘none of the above’. Other than that, there’s not a lot to recommend them.

Point of order

I got very angry listening to a ding-dong between Owen Jones (from off of socialism) and some American right-wing rent-a-gob on Radio 5 last night.

It was the tax avoidance thing again.

I was angry because Owen (and various callers) kept going on about how big multinational tax avoiding companies were putting cuddly little British companies out of business. Because: corporation tax avoidance.

So here’s the thing, if these cuddly little British companies are paying the tax that the nasty multinationals are avoiding, then they are, by definition, profitable companies. They are not, therefore, being put out of business by anyone. If they are loss making then they are not paying the corporation tax that the multinationals are also not paying.. so whatever advantage the multinationals have over them (and they do have many) it ain’t tax.

So can we put that one to bed, please? Or at least recognise it as special pleading from small business owners who want to be able to keep a higher portion of their profits, like what they big boys do. It’s a fair request, after all. Just drop the emotive bullshit, yeah?